Evan Huggins


Evan Huggins holds a BA in English Literature from Colorado College and Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. His work focuses on the intersection of inventive mechanism, aesthetic clarity, and the role of the human body in a highly automated, data-driven society. He is versed in physical computing, 3D-modeling, digital fabrication, graphic design and visual storytelling.


Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman


Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman is professor at Pratt Institute, in both the Industrial Design & Fashion programs, and holds degrees in both fields. With over 25 years experience designing products for the active sports industry and global manufacturing expertise, she brings a wide network of experience to the ReMo team. Her consulting practice, Interwoven Design Studio, specializes in wearable technology and smart textiles.


Aaron Nesser


Aaron Nesser is a biologist turned designer. He is passionate about understanding and improving the natural abilities of the body. He holds a BSc in Biology and and Masters of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. In addition to working on the Remo Haptics team, he is also a co-founder of AlgiKnit, a bio-material research group. Aaron has extensive experience in UX/UI design, Branding and communications design.


“What if you could download the muscle memory of a pro athlete?”

This was the initial concept for Remo Haptics. Evan and Aaron joined forces in a collaborative class between NYU Tandon and Pratt. When they realized the commercial potential of the idea, they asked their then professor Rebeccah, with her  experience bringing wearable tech products to market, to join the team.

Remo Haptic Training is a team of designers with a unique vision of wearable technology that moves beyond the tiny wrist-worn screen. We believe that wearable tech can be better. It can go beyond capturing and displaying data. It can provide the guidance of a coach, perfecting an athlete's performance with haptic based touch correction in real time. 

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