Change the way you train.



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Remo is a wearable haptic device that helps adjust movement patterns in real time to boost athletic performance. 


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Turn data into results... instantly.


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A smart knee sleeve and shoe insole work together to determine the correct alignment of your knee and foot. Gentle sensations on your skin remind you to keep your knee in proper alignment, improving technique to optimize performance and prevent injury.



Remo's interactive app uses data collected from your movements to establish a personalized baseline of correct technique. The knee sleeve uses touch-like sensations to make corrective suggestions to improve your form and maximize your body's potential.

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Continuous real-time communication keeps your body within the established geofence of correct movement patterns. Remo helps deliver the right movement cues in real-time to your knees so you can make adjustments fast and see progress now.

The next generation of sports wearables is coming soon.



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